Bionicle I

Concept art for Bionicle I animated film.

Bionicle II

Concept art for Bionicle II animated film.

Bionicle III

Concept art for Bionicle III animated film.

Babylon-5, Begining

Storyboards for Babylon-5 'The Begining'

Babylon-5, Thirdspace

Storyboards for Babylon-5, Thirdspace


Storyboards for Batman animated series Promo

Battle Dogs

Storyboards for Battle Dogs promo animated series.

Command and Conquer 3

Concept design for Command and Conquer 3

Command and Conquer X

Concept design for Command and Conquer X

Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future

Concept design for Dan Dare - Pilot of the Furture


Storyboards for Afterworld internet animated series

Gemini Division

Storyboards for Gemini Division, animated web series.

Heavy Gear

Concept design and Storyboards for Heavy Gear.


Concept design for Loonatics Unleashed animated series.

Mech Warrior

Concept design for Mech Warrior

Robotech 3000

Concept design and Storyboards for Robotech 3000 Promo.

Sega - Sports

Storyboards for Sega sports in-game clips.

Sky Pirates

Concept design for Sky Pirates Promo.


Storyboard examples for various FX projects.


Storyboards and Production of Troops - Short film.


Concept design for Voltron animated series.